Friday, February 28, 2014

2014 Working Women's Survival Show Reflections

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This past weekend, the St. Louis Breastfeeding Coalition had the opportunity to exhibit at the 27th Annual St. Louis Working Women’s Survival Show: “The Ultimate Girl’s Day Out.” We met some amazing women and were privileged to hear their stories. Here are some reflections from two of our members that attended:



During my hours manning the St. Louis Breastfeeding Coalition booth at the February Working Women's Survival Show in St. Charles, I was amazed at how many mothers of grown children mentioned as they passed the booth, "I breastfed mine!" One described how her husband had cobbled together an electric breast pump for her at a time when there were none on the market.

And then there were the mothers who related, often with tears in their eyes, how breastfeeding did not work out for them. After listening carefully to those mothers' descriptions of their problems, I was (as were other members of the STL Breastfeeding Coalition at the booth on other days) hopefully able to provide some perspective that the unfortunate absence of supportive education on how to overcome breastfeeding difficulties during the early postpartum period was the major culprit. I am hoping that each of these mothers left our booth feeling greatly reinforced that indeed, the 2,3 or 5 weeks that they did provide their milk to their babies was without doubt beneficial to their babies and an achievement of which to be extremely proud!

Nancy R Cooksey, BSN, RN, IBCLC


So many women were encouraging and supportive of the St. Louis Breastfeeding Coalition booth. During a short two hour shift, I observed women who either stopped by or “walked and talked” their way past—letting me know that their own mothers wanted to breast feed but were unable due to lack of help.

Many of these same women recounted to me that their daughters were able to breastfeed thanks to Certified Lactation Consultants. Telling the stories made their faces light up. To every IBCLC in our St. Louis Breastfeeding Coalition: You make a difference in the lives of children and grandchildren!

Kimberly Kirby Buchholz, MS, RDN, LD 

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